Toilet paper roll nativity scene

I first saw this beautiful idea on , and did some research on who came up with these charming miniatures. The women behind it is Anastassia Elias, a french artist, apparently doing many things, from painting, to writing, etc. (but that might as well be a misinterpretation, which I blame on my bad french skills). She made so many different scenes for the toilet paper rolls and all of them are so lifelike and awesome! Check for some inspiration!

I wanted to do some of them, so I got my computer and Inkscape and started drawing up some samples. After two or three tries I figured out how to do it and it’s actually real simple. I made two scenes, one classic nativity scene (Maria, Joseph, baby Jesus, a palm tree, a shed and two sheep) and one christmas morning scene (with Santa, two kids, a christmas tree and some presents). You can download the two scenes here, or start making your own!

Nativity Scene
Christmas Morning

Once you printed the scenes you want to do, grab a sharp knife or a cutter and get into the spirit of christmas!

Cut1. Start cutting along the lines of the figures. make sure you cut as clean as you can and that all lines are connected.

2. Take care NOT to cut the bottom line (the red line on this picture). This will be where the figures will stand up later, like in a pop up book.

3. Cut out all figures.

4. Slightly lift them and make sure they are all cut porperly and won’t rip (as some details on santa are quite small).

Lift and roll1. Cut out the shape of the toilet roll. I chose this shape, because it is the natural shape of a toilet roll as well, so it will fit better. However, there is no normed size for toilet paper rolls, so I suggest you cut it slightly bigger and narrow it down to the actual size you need.

2. Stand up all the figures and roll it carefully. You can fix it with some tape. Gently slide it into the roll, make sure none of the figures gets stuck on the edges.

3. Check size of the paper, maybe you need to trim it a little. I put some glue on the edges to make sure it fits into the shape and looks neat.

Rolling, rolling, rolling1. Nativity Scene                                                2. Christmas Morning


I hid this nativity scene in my mums stack of toilet rolls, she didn’t know what was happening when she found it!

I made another one and glued some wrapping paper to the outside and put it on top of another present. It looked beautiful.

Merry christmas, I hope you enjoy the last few weeks to christmas as much as I do!


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